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Denis Delaney

The Living Man

I am a proud son of éire on my own unique personal journey through life. I wish to connect with the tribe of men and women of éire who would like to step into their power and step away from the controlling ‘system’ that is IRELAND CORPORATION by challenging it at every turn, PEACEFULLY. 

I also want to branch out into the universe and I welcome peace and love warriors from all over the world to join with me on this spiritual journey. I will do personal videos, interviews with people that interest me and inspire me in some way. Hopefully along the way I can harness my creative flow and start producing some end product. I also want to step away from social media and just concentrate on this website as a creative outlet. I hope you enjoy the content. Peace and love vibes to you all, wherever you may be. Power to the people.

All support warmly received.

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